Monday, December 21, 2009

New Kitty!

Change in plans! Sophie could not come live with us because Scootie never liked the only food that she can eat.

So, we got another kitty! As of today, she is unnamed.

We're waiting for her personality to show us her true self.

Her interim names are Truffle, Sophie Too, and Cutie Pie.

She's a five month old non-pedigree Seal Point Himalayan and is very sweet!

Scootie is slowly warming up to her, although she doesn't care about stealing his Alpha cat status.

She just goes about her business of playing even when he tries to thwart her fun times!

Meanwhile, thank you to Carrie & Kevin, Sandra & family, and Richard and Myrna for contributing so we could give a kitten a good home.

Here's a picture of her playing with the squeaky mouse toy from Richard and Myrna.

She seems very happy here despite the cool reception from Scootie.

She's healthy overall, but a little chubby from eating bad food, but we've got her on the right track with diet and exercise!

Last night, she had a couple of pieces of raw salmon and was ecstatic!


Heidi said...

Congrats on the new kitty! I think Truffle is a cute name. She is adorable and I'm positive she will LOVE being your kitty!I am looking forward to being introduced to her sometime.
On another note, the salmon dish in your previous post looks great! Yum!
Have a blessed Christmas!

sohottstamper said...

Truffle, Trinity, Au Lait, BonBon, Smudge, Vanilla Bean or Vanilli (not after that horrendous group), Poof! Will think on more. Think you need to ad a poll to your page for votes.