Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's been a while....!

Hey everyone! In the last few weeks, plans have been changing left to right, uptown to downtown, pepperoni with extra cheese to vegan. You get the idea.

No new "Gourmet Again!" cooking shows until my Ecuadorian friend and soul sister, Tania, arrives for a nice long visit. We will be doing a traditional meal from her country. What a blast that will be!

Needless to say, we HAVE been cooking. Just not taping our efforts due to time constraints! I made some fantastic turkey burgers tonight that Ron grilled to perfection, as always.

Also, per Ron's request, I will be making a special post to honor my favorite vegan lunch. True, I have MANY favorites for lunch, including curry chicken salad with golden raisins, tuna salad with fresh parsley and chickpeas, and others, but this one is really unique. Look for that coming really soon, with pictures of my original creation!

Finally, every week I'm baking a new Brownies recipe. So far, the best have come from RecipeZaar. Check it out. New one in the oven tomorrow.....