Monday, March 21, 2011

New Gourmet Again! Episode

Ron and I produced another episode of our YouTube cooking show, "Gourmet Again!" earlier this month. Since all previous elements were on the external hard drive of mine that crashed last year, I had to recreate the background for the header and footer in LiveType.

I also produced a new music theme using GarageBand loops!

So it's like a whole new show! I even added voice overs and way more text throughout the video.

Oh yeah, and I really plug the heck out of my book, "Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings." Partially because the recipe (or yet another bastardized version) is featured in the book, and partially because I like plugging my book!

So enjoy "Whole Lotta Lasagna" and pass it along to friends and family.

Now I gotta get back in the kitchen!

Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a Book! And a CD!

Notice that I slightly altered the title of my blog? That's because I just published a book and music project called "Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings: Tales of how one good girl can do a whole lotta bad things and still turn out okay." (The link takes you to the official website).

Here they are!

The paperback book is being distributed by, which is also hosting the Kindle edition of the book and the Downloadable MP3s!
Alternatively, you could buy the MP3s from PayLoadz for the same price.

But wait, there is more: SmashWords hosts the other E-book editions!

And if you are local to San Luis Obispo county, you can purchase the paperback book with sealed CD insert.

"Where?" you may be asking. Well, the first book launch party will be held at Paso Wine Centre on Wednesday, March 30 from 6-8pm. The event is free and open to people 21 years of age and over.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, I will be holding another launch party on Saturday, April 2 from 8-10pm at Panini Coffee and Cafe in Marina del Rey. This event is also free and open to all ages.

However, you must know that my book contains some mature language and themes, but not the really really bad ones. Actually, some of the language and themes are pretty immature, according to my Inner Archivist ; )