Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We've come up with lots of possible names for her, and many of you are already sending in some wonderful contributions.

But we need to give her a "people world" identity, and soon!

So post a comment with your suggestions.

We'll put them together with our faves, post all names and let you vote.

Ron and I will vote on names in the top 5%. Then, we'll post her official name and author on this blog!

FYI, the "Name Our Kitty" contest will end at midnight on December 26, so get creative and post those comments! I'll get the final results up with tallies before the end of 2009.

Legal Disclaimer: The winner is entitled to nothing but the fame and fortune of being acknowledged on this, and the joy of naming a very cute, sweet, cuddly, lovable, and guileless kitten!

The contest was a great idea from my dear friend Sandra, aka SoHottStamper.


Anonymous said...

My favorite cat name is Jaboli. Or since its almost Christmas.. maybe "Rudolph"

Proverbs 3:5-6 said...

Chewie. Doozy Duds. Kiva. Mable. Starry. Pepper.Trilby.

Heidi said...

Sasha, Misty, Ginger, and ,well, she is Fluffy

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharine

Love that curly fluffy coat. She looks so cuddly.
Fluffy bundle, Truffles, Cutie, or just princess, or curly cutie.?


Nikki said...

Tess, Lou, Xandi, Cassie, Ona, Fay, Dinah, Tava... She's just so cute!

Anonymous said...

Avalokiteśvara is an important deity in Tibetan Buddhism, and is regarded in the Vajrayana teachings as a Buddha.In the Mahayana teachings he is in general regarded as a high-level Bodhisattva. The Dalai Lama is considered by the Gelugpa sect and many other Tibetan Buddhists to be the primary earthly manifestation of Chenrezig. The Karmapa is considered by the Karma Kagyu sect to be Chenrezig's primary manifestation. It is said that Padmasambhava prophesied that Avalokiteśvara will manifest himself in the Tulku lineages of the Dalai Lamas and the Karmapas.Another Tibetan source explains that Buddha Amithaba gave to one of his two main disciples, Avalokiteśvara, the task to take upon himself the burden of caring for Tibet. That is why he has manifested himself not only as spiritual teachers in Tibet but also in the form of kings (like Trisong Detsen) or ministers.

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So that's my offering. TARA pronounced with soft a's, thanks Don

Anonymous said...

Two other names for you to ponder.
Maya...Goddess of Illusion in the Physical world of form. She is beautiful and playful.
Leela....The divine play of Spirit always perfect always boundless...Merry Christmas,