Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Sculpterra Fun!

We just can't get enough of Sculpterra Winery and both planned and impromptu educational sessions with winemaker, Paul Frankel!

On the last day of July, we zipped out to take advantage of the monthly wine specials. As good luck would have it, Paul was in the tasting room!

After sampling yummy vintages at the bar, Paul invited us to thieve from the barrel of one of his new wine "projects..." and one more reason we love him!

Paul's 2009 AKRB (a Rhone blend pictured above in the photo) contains 44% Syrah, 28% Mourvedre and 28% Petite Syrah.

Each of the varietals was crushed separately, then barreled separately. They were blended after 8 months in their individuals barrels, on July 21, 2010.

Nice experiment! But WAIT! There's more.... Paul employed numerous yeasts in this process.

The Syrah contains 3 yeasts, and the Mourvedre and Petite Syrah each have 1 yeast, for a total of FIVE different strains of yeast for one blend of wine!

Paul thieved from the barrel so we could sample this incredible blend, featuring a rich coffee bouquet, chocolate and black cherries and lush berries on the palate, and even a subtle hint of bacon.

But please don't freak out!

This is a fantastic, slightly exotic Rhone blend that will satisfy all of us who appreciate these big berry bombs.

Did I mention that Paul told Ron and me that, besides himself, we were FIRST to taste the AKRB?!?? Feeling special, are we? Uh, yeah!

Go now, Sculpterra is an amazing and fun winery, Paul is brilliant and delightful, and the tasting room folks are wonderful, warm people!

The photo here shows four Puncheon wine barrels, full of different varietals. Puncheon barrels are a unique size, holding 500 litres.

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Anonymous said...

Paul is a really cool dude! His wines did really well at our last at-home tasting.