Monday, July 19, 2010

My Book!

I am beside myself "literally" as I announce to you that I am writing a book! ("Literally," get it?! I know it's totally cliche, but I am pretty excited!)

This isn't just a poetry book with, like, 22 poems. Although, my poetry books are good, too. And you should buy and read my poetry books. They have soulful energy to help you feel alive and connected with your quirky universe.

But no, I'm talking about a REAL BOOK! A non-fiction collection of tales and yes, recipes of all persuasions, concoctions that may or may not be edible AND more. Yes, more.

But... I'm not telling any more except that it has everything to do with this blog.

And it has everything to do with every person, place, thing or thought that led to the creation of Ravings, Cravings & Misbehavings and that's all I am saying!

So I PhotoShopped this little graphic based on a blank book image that I found which was created by BazaarDesigns, to help me and all of us get excited about my book.

This is definitely getting my creative juices flowing! (Thank you, Susie and Vanessa and Ron, and everyone who knows about the concept for my book and is supportive!)

I have written several stories so far and intend to finish my first draft by August 15, 2010. Yeah, that's what I said.

So, post a comment here or email me with a reason that I should put you in my book. And you'd better make it a really good reason or I won't even reply! Because I'm a busy writer now! Get to it!

Email me: sharine [at] sharine [dot] com

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Heidi said...

Awesome! Way to Go! You are fantabulously creative!Can't wait to see the finished product!