Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Black Market Stylist

People, times are tough! The Black Market world of bartering is back and TOTALLY IN FASHION!

"What's this post all about, Sharine?" you ask? Our new Black Market Hair Stylist, or as I call her, The Stealth Stylist!

Seriously, Ron and I were so desperately in need of hair styling that I was considering cutting both our "dreads," and by that I mean, "dreadful hairs!"

But we came upon a new friend from our local community.

Her hair is always interesting and angular, asymmetric and colorful.

And after a brief consultation, she decided she was willing to take on the job of trimming Ron's baby-fine and oft-unruly hair...

AND as the arduous task of styling MY HAIR (have I mentioned my outrageously picky nature before?).

We invited her over for Curry Lentils & Vegetables (with homemade Whole Wheat Pita Bread, of course.... See future post).

We discussed all manner of creativity and capitalism and naturally, FOOD!

Then we formulated a plan for the styling sessions, which took less time than my deciding to make a Curry dish that evening.

The process was fun and the hair styles successful!

Check out the shoes she wore to our humble abode!

I gave her $400 worth of clothes I don't need, and we drove her home.

I love our Black Market Stylist, and all I have left to say is:

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