Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming in March.....CheeseCake Extravaganza!

We're filming an extra special "Gourmet Again!" cooking show episode in early March. I'll be making a cheesecake. But I don't know yet which cheesecake, because I gave the choice to our first Guest on the show!

She's been craving cheesecake, and she specifically requested that Ron and I make one for her before she has to leave town. Of course we couldn't turn down a CRAVING like that!

Her deadline is Monday, February 25th to provide her cheesecake choice. Suffice it to say that both cheesecakes involve CHOCOLATE!

Stay tuned for the recipe and other rantings, right here. Meanwhile, have I mentioned yet that I have a bunch of my recipe faves on my web site? Check 'em out.....delicious! Look in the Fun Facts & Funky Faves section for the link!

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